Professional Services

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Rick Harlow and his team provide all aspects of tree care, whether the scale is one tree or dozens, on a residential or commercial property. 

  • Tree Assessment

    • Risk assessment
    • Insect and disease diagnosis
    • Tree selection
    • Arborist Reports
    • New construction tree protection consultation
    • Existing specimen value assessment
  • Tree Pruning

    • Small tree pruning sets the stage for future health and reduced maintenance costs 
    • Mature tree pruning, including corrective pruning and thinning

The help of professional landscape consulting is the single best way to ensure that a landscape design is beautiful, cost-effective, and thriving for years to come.

Rick helps the client bring dreams to reality, through hardscape and softscape solutions that fit within budget and suit the climate and evironmental realities of the project. Whether the project is to improve an existing landscape or to design a new one, Rick will give expert guidance for the concept, installation, and maintenance. 

With years of experience in various aspects of the landscape industry as well as in Horticulture education, Rick brings expertise and teaching skill to educational events. For groups interested in horticulture, growing food, pest management, growing plants in pots, tree care and selection, or landscape design, Rick can help to define major concepts and practical tips in both formal and informal settings.

Helpful Resources for Tree Care provides practical information about trees and basic tree care.

International Society of Arboraculture offers a helpful search tool that identifies local tree care service providers.

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