Once Your Seedlings Have Germinated...

Your seedlings are up.

You have watered everyday getting the overall soil moisture level high in your gardens. 

Now it is time to cut back and start watering less frequently and deeper. Anotherwords we want the top of the soil to start to dry out a bit in between waterings. This will allow you to enter your garden and begin working. NEVER WALK IN YOUR GARDEN WHEN IT IS WET!! This will severely compact your soil and make it difficult for water to percolate down when you do water and stress your small plants.

We were watering every day for our seedlings to germinate. Now we can water 2-3 times per week allowing the soil to dry at the top slightly inbetween waterings.  


Vegetable Garden Planting - Video Link


The following Video will prepare you for the upcomming planting of your garden.

Hort A100 students Please Watch!